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Our School Activities

The school provides a wide-ranging extracurricular program. We take advantage of the school’s multicultural environment. All students are encouraged to retain pride and respect for their own nation and culture and at the same time gain an appreciation of other nations and other cultures.
Extracurricular events include: Cultural day, School Musical, Sporting Competitions, Rabaul Trip for the Grade 12 class and MEEP (Marine Environment Educational Programs).

Cultural Day-An Independence Celebration

Papua New Guinea gained independence on the 16th September 1975 and KIS celebrates Papua New Guinea’s independence by staging the annual cultural day. The cultural day is normally held a day before the 16th of September but we should have the date for you in the up coming events section.. This annual event brings out the colourful culture of Papua New Guinea and the International community that are represented in the school. Speeches, traditional dances and a mumu (traditional PNG dish) are all part of the cultural day.

Marine Environment Education Program (MEEP)  and Baby MEEP

The Foundation (4 year olds) class, Prep, Grade 1 and Grade 2 tap into the Baby MEEP program which is a basic course on marine environment and awareness. There is a basic theory and practice lesson during the day.

Primary and High School MEEP


The Grade 9’s attend the High School MEEP once a week in term 2 each year and are certified by Mahonia Na Dari. At the end of the course the students are required to choose a school within West New Britain Province and make an awareness presentation to students of that school using what they have learnt during their course. The students use charts, MS Powerpoint, role plays and animations to deliver their messages.

School Musical Productions

One of the many avenues in which KIS encourages and builds student confidence to present themselves in front of an audience is the school musical productions. The school productions also encourage team effort in staff as well as in the students. Over recent years KIS has produced: Joseph and the Coat of Many Colours (2007), Jack and the Bean Stalk(2009), Oliver Twist-the musical (2010) and A study of The Lion King film(2012). In 2014 KIS  produced Joseph and his Coat of Many Colours. Here are some pictures from ‘A Study of the Lion King Film'(2012) production and ‘Joseph and his Coat of Many Colours’ (2014).

Dami Beach Day

The school uses the Dami beach, a privately owned beach belonging to NBPOL, to hold our annual whole school beach day, where children from Foundation up to Grade 12 take part in a range of activities. The day begins with a walk-a-thon where monies raised are used to help the school with various projects. Items purchased with these funds have included a school sound system, books for the library, a school bus and equipment for expressive arts.  Fun beach games and activities are organised for the students so it becomes a day to remember.


Students are all members of one of four houses and they represent these houses during a number of sporting activities every year. The house names are in “pidgin” and named after four birds found in PNG – Akanai-Seagull (Red house) , Kokomo-Hornbill (Green house), Muruk-Cassowary (Blue house) and Tarangau-Eagle(Yellow house).
Students get the opportunity to learn to play a number of sports including soccer, netball, tennis, cricket, Australian Rules football, rugby league and union and basketball.  The swimming pool at a local hotel is used to provide younger children with basic swimming skills.

Tabloid Sports

Tabloid Sports is held in Term 1 and involves all students from Foundation through to Grade 12.  The sports/games are such that all students can participate and the activity is all about working collaboratively and having fun.

Interschool Carnival

The interschool carnival is held in term 3 or 4. It is a competition between Kimbe International School, Bialla International School and New Britain International School.

Interhouse Carnival

This event is held in term 3. The school is divided on this day with the Foundation through to grade 1 teachers organising novelty games for their students and the remainder of the students competing in their houses. The scores contribute to the overal totals for each house.  Grade 2 through to grade 12 are divided into Junior, Intermediate, Senior and Open Division, based on their age, and compete in track and field events. During this time selection is made for students from grade 2 through to grade 8 to represent the school in the Interschool Carnival.

Mosa Saturday Sports

This is held each Saturday in term 2 at the Mosa oval and involves Mosa Primary School, New Britain International School (NBIS) and KIS. The games, netball and soccer, are played by students from grade 3 to 8.

Girl’s Soccer

The Girls’ Soccer Competition was a new activity in Kimbe for 2014 in which the school took part.  There were eleven teams competing and our  two teams made it through to the semi-finals with one coming second – losing on penalties.

Grade 12 & Grade 10 Graduation

In Week 5 of Term 4 the Kimbe International School community recognise the achievement of our Grade 12 and Grade 10 students having completed, respectively, the requirements of the Upper Secondary School Certificate and Lower Secondary School Certificate.  The Grade 10s only became a part of this celebration in 2014.

Senior School Formal

With the development of our Senior School came the desire to provide an opportunity for our Senior Students to enjoy the occasion of a formal meal and dance.  The first Formal  was held in the school hall but the event has now moved to the Liamo Reef Resort and has become a very special night.  It is organised by the Grade 11 students with thoughts on the Grade 12s who are leaving.

Grade 12 Educational Excursion

Since 2009 the Grade 12 students have travelled out of the province on an educational trip to visit historical sites, university departments, research institutes and agricultural processing facilities.  Until 2013 this had only involved a trip to East New Britain.  In 2014, however, the Grade 12 trip was extended into New Ireland and, in particular, Lihir Gold Mine.
The fundraising for this activity has also created the ‘Nosh Nite’ Quiz at Mosa Management Club which has now become an annual event.

Community Activities – World Aids Day

The school always recognises World Aids Day with the sale of ribbons and wearing of red.  Students have also been involved in Peer Teaching and have visited other schools in the locality educating their peers about HIV/AIDS.  The school also takes an active part with any HIV/AIDS related activities organised for the town.

Carols and Awards night

The Carols and Awards night  is an opportunity for the whole school community to celebrate the achievements of our students. This event is held in the last week of the fourth term. Each class chooses an item to present during the night and together with their class patron practise the item. The item could be a song, dance or role play. The program begins with speeches and then the carols, class items and the presentation of awards to individuals in each class. Students at the Kimbe TAFE campus who have completed all the requirement for an award also receive their certificates on this evening.

Weekly Assemblies and Parent Assemblies

The school holds assemblies every week with one class telling the rest of the school what they have been learning. Twice a term one section of the school ( primary, middle or senior) will host our Parent Assembly.  This is an occasion when the students of the particular part of the school tell parents who have been able to join us a little about what they have been learning.  

End of Year Picnic

It has been a long-time tradition to end the year with a family picnic.  Parents bring plates of food to share and the whole school community are able to join together just before the long holiday.

Santa’s visit

Our school has enjoyed a special arrangement with Santa Clause for many years.  Santa is flown in by helicopter, courtesy of Niugini Helicopters,  with a sack full of presents and leaves on the local fire engine, courtesy of the Kimbe Fire Department.  This is an event that the children look forward to and provides an additional dimension to the end of  year celebrations.

Educational Excursions

Students often go out of school for field trips within the West New Britain locality that enhance the work being studied.  These have included trips to Numundo Cattle Ranch, to RAMS Boatbuilders, local shops, Koimumu volcanic pools, Dami Research, Palm Oil Refinery, Oil Palm Mill, Liamo Reef Resort, Niugini Helicopters, Lake Dakatoa, Kimbe General Hospital Eye Clinic & Physiotherapy Department.

School Mission Statement and Motto

Mission Statement

Kimbe International School's mission is to provide the highest possible standard of education to meet the needs of every member of our multi - cultural family in a caring environment.


Our school motto is 'Learning by doing'. Students are encouraged to investigate using our school library and, where available and appropriate, the school computers. They will also take part in field trips each term and when it fits in with their term project. Students are encouraged to make the most of these opportunities and to make the most of their school.

5 IEA Key Outcomes

All learning outcomes at KIS are designed to help students achieve the following International Education Agency key outcomes:

- Be self directed

- Communicate effectively

- Behave ethically

- Work collaboratively and

- Analyse and solve problems


Although the IEA key outcomes can be plainly interpreted as given, they are specifically defined in each curriculum area so as to meet the students' needs.