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Admission can be applied for through the school office by a personal visit, by phone or by email to the address given above. The school secretary will then advise you of the steps to be taken.
Enrolling at Kimbe International School is a simple process.

1.    To enrol your child download the enrolment form, schedule of fees, student/parent handbook and
term dates from the Downloads section in the right hand column or obtain these from the school
office and complete the enrolment form.

2.    Bring the enrolment form with you to the school office or email the application indicating the day you
would like your child to start.

3.    You are asked to pay a K200 registration fee (non-refundable) which will be deducted from the first
term fees. At least one term’s fees should be paid prior to your child’s commencement. Bank details
for direct deposit will be given by the school secretary.

4.    The enrolment is, of course, subject to there being space in the desired year group and to you
providing the following:
– A copy of your child’s record of birth;
– Certified copies of certificates already attained(Grade 8 and Grade 10);
– Copies of  the most recent school reports;
– A transfer certificate from the child’s previous school;
– The completed and signed enrolment form indicating that you accept the school’s policies and, in
particular, that
you personally accept responsibility for the payment of fees even if you are
expecting these to be paid by a company.


Uniforms can be purchased at the school for both male and female students in various sizes or orders can be made through email.
If you are unable to download the document/s linked to this page, please contact us and we will provide a copy.


School Mission Statement and Motto

Mission Statement

Kimbe International School's mission is to provide the highest possible standard of education to meet the needs of every member of our multi - cultural family in a caring environment.


Our school motto is 'Learning by doing'. Students are encouraged to investigate using our school library and, where available and appropriate, the school computers. They will also take part in field trips each term and when it fits in with their term project. Students are encouraged to make the most of these opportunities and to make the most of their school.

5 IEA Key Outcomes

All learning outcomes at KIS are designed to help students achieve the following International Education Agency key outcomes:

- Be self directed

- Communicate effectively

- Behave ethically

- Work collaboratively and

- Analyse and solve problems


Although the IEA key outcomes can be plainly interpreted as given, they are specifically defined in each curriculum area so as to meet the students' needs.